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Artist Resources

Part of Limelight’s mission to elevate the arts means elevating artists and arts organizations. We do this by connecting them with grant and funding opportunities, offering programming such as our annual Cedar Valley Arts Summit, and by acting as an advocate for the arts in the Cedar Valley community.

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Grants and Funding

Limelight is not a funding source for artists directly, but some of our members offer grants. Additionally, when we hear of a new grant that may be applicable to artists in our area, we’ll update them on our website and social media.

These organizations regularly have grant funding cycles.

Iowa Arts Council

The Iowa Arts Council empowers Iowa to build and sustain culturally vibrant communities by cultivating creativity, learning and participation in the arts. The Iowa Arts Council strives to create opportunities for the arts to flourish in Iowa by nurturing cultural leadership and investing in projects that provide access to arts experiences in communities and public spaces throughout Iowa.   Learn More  

Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa

The arts are a vital facet of our community’s culture. The Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa is a leader in the movement to raise awareness of the current arts community in Black Hawk County. Through community collaboration, we are working to enrich and enhance an inclusive arts community that amplifies diverse voices and viewpoints and provides access to all residents.   Learn More  

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Arts & Economic Prosperity Study

Learn more about the Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 Study conducted here in the Cedar Valley in partnership between Limelight and Americans for the Arts.

What is the Arts & Economic Prosperity Study?

The Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 (AEP6) Study is the sixth economic impact study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry in the U.S.

The study is administered by Americans for the Arts, in partnership with local and state organizations. 


This study is conducted approximately every five years to gauge the economic impact (on employment, government revenue, and household income) of spending by nonprofit arts and culture organizations and the event-related spending by their audiences. Previous studies were published in 1994, 2002, 2007, 2012, and 2017. 


The study uses a rigorous methodology to document the economic and social contributions of the arts and culture industry, demonstrating locally as well as nationally, arts and culture are a critical economic driver of vibrant communities.

Here are some of the basics...

5-County Study Area

The AEP6 study area includes a five county region made up of: Black Hawk, Butler, Bremer, Chickasaw, and Grundy counties

1 Year Study Period

The AEP6 study was conducted over the course of fiscal year 2022.


Efforts were led completely by Limelight volunteers, in partnership with the national partners at Americans for the Arts. 

800+ Audience Surveys

Part of the AEP6 study methodology included gathering more than 800 anonymous audience intercept surveys from visitors at different arts-related events and venues in the Cedar Valley.



Another aspect of the AEP6 Study methodology included surveying local arts and culture organizations to gather information on attendance and economic impact of local arts and culture organizations.


Full study and other resources ...


Read the full Cedar Valley AEP6 study report.


Want to see how the arts sector in the Cedar Valley stacks up against those in other Iowa communities?


Don't want to read the full study? Check out our brief one-sheeter for all the basics.


Want to see the bigger picture? See the national AEP6 study for the nationwide impact of the arts.

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